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What clients say about us

We are so happy that we worked with Birthwise Doula Services! Toni is an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced doula and birth educator. She provided a full suite of informative classes to empower us with the information we needed to clearly identify our birth preferences. She also brought her invaluable expertise, comfort, and guidance to our labor and delivery, and postpartum experiences. We wholeheartedly recommend Birthwise to anyone expecting a baby in the Charlotte, NC area!


Smart Family

Toni was amazing!! My baby was born safe and with little to no complications. I will surely be hiring her for my future kids. Thank you for all you do! I 100% recommend BirthWise Doulas to support you and your baby.


Elizabeth O.

From the moment I met Toni, her warmth, expertise, and genuine dedication to supporting our family shone through. She quickly dispelled any doubts I had about the necessity of a doula, even though my daughter was delivering at a hospital. Toni’s presence became an invaluable asset throughout the entire process.

During labor and childbirth, Toni’s continuous support was remarkable. She intuitively knew how to offer comfort measures tailored to my daughter’s needs, including soothing massages, helpful positioning suggestions, and effective relaxation techniques. Her presence provided a sense of calm and reassurance, creating a nurturing environment in which my daughter felt empowered and confident.

Toni’s advocacy skills were truly outstanding. She tirelessly advocated for my daughter’s preferences and ensured that her voice was heard and respected by the medical team. It was evident that Toni had built strong relationships within the healthcare setting, allowing her to effectively communicate and collaborate with the medical professionals involved. Her presence helped create a harmonious balance between medical interventions and honoring my daughter’s birth plan.

Furthermore, Toni’s support extended beyond childbirth. During the postpartum period, she offered invaluable guidance on breastfeeding, newborn care, and emotional well-being. Her compassionate nature and wealth of knowledge provided my daughter with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges of early motherhood with confidence and grace.

Toni’s commitment to our family’s well-being was truly exceptional. Her professionalism, expertise, and unwavering support left an indelible impact on our entire birthing experience. We are eternally grateful for Toni’s presence during this transformative journey, and we wholeheartedly recommend her doula services to anyone seeking comprehensive and compassionate support during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.


Gigi H.

Birthwise has been a blessing to my family. They provided so much support and education to allow us to the have the best possible experience with the birth of our daughter. Mrs. Toni, our Doula was / is just like an extended part of my family. She was a delightful presence for both my wife and me. I also appreciated that her husband took time to speak with me and comfort me in this path.

I am grateful to God for all of the support.


Jeriell N.

I am so thankful that I was able to find Toni! She has been a wealth of knowledge, and priceless resource and I haven’t even had the baby yet. She is able to help me as a first time mother prepare not only my mind but body for the changes that take place in all the stages of pregnancy. I don’t know if I could be doing this all as gracefully as I am without her love , help and support. Thank you Toni for your commitment and commit to your families. ❤️ Chamira


Chamira W.

I started working with Toni this summer in July. I have a long history of infertility, along with pregnancy and delivery trauma. Toni was very thorough in her assessment and recommendations. She took my past pregnancy trauma and what my goals are for my next birth into consideration when coming up with my mental and physical preparation planning…so much so we were expecting a month after starting her recommendations. She has been very helpful and attentive throughout our pregnancy and I would definitely recommend.


Shanika T.

I wanted to experience birth outside of the medical realm and more of a holistic and natural approach. I sought out doula services shortly after moving to Charlotte and learning that I was expecting our first child. It was after my third prenatal appointment with an OB that I learned that you learn NOTHING about the physiological process of birth.

After having my consultation with Toni Curtis of BirthWise Doulas Services LLC, I knew it was meant to be and I felt like an angel was sent to us to help educate my husband and I on this journey. The knowledge that we have been able to soak up from BirthWise is an experience that I wish every expecting family could experience.

BirthWise Doula Services, LLC truly goes above and beyond and they are more than educators and doulas, they have become apart of our family! We’re waiting for baby boy to arrive next month and BirthWise has been there every step of the way!


Kimberly B.

Toni was there for us in every aspect of our pregnancy. From educating us with mental and physical lessons to prepare for birth to postpartum care, she made sure we had all the necessary tools for the successful birth of our first child.

Our birth story had its own unique challenges. Without Toni, things would have gone significantly differently. We are forever grateful for her compassion, care, and knowledge and will be looking for her assistance again when it’s time for baby #2!


Naomi A.

Many Many Many times, fathers go a little unnoticed and quite honestly, we feel helpless during the birthing process. But you gotta think, we see our wives going through a really tough process and all you can do is hold her hand and rub her forehead… while doctors are doing all kinds of stuff. You are clueless as you watch on the sidelines, praying for the best. That’s kind of how the first one went with my first. But… This second time round with … COMPLETE 180 –  BirthWise Doula Services LLC made the experience before the birth, during and afterwards… very reassuring. This time I was able to ask questions, feel confident that Kayla Davis really felt protected and comfortable. The coaching you receive…. even as a father… man… top notch!


John D.

Toni is very knowledgeable, caring, personable and action based. I was introduced to her by my doula. I was very concerned about breast feeding after the birth of my son. He was born 36 weeks 4 days due to Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). His birth weight was 3Ibs 11 oz.

During our stay at the hospital, I was not able to practice latching except twice. I was told that he was too small to really get a latch. I was advised to maintain skin to skin and to pump at least 8 times a day. He was released from the hospital 2 weeks after birth. A week later Toni contacted me. I expressed to her my frustration. I really wanted to breastfeed but was told he had to stay on a 26-calorie formula. I did not want to jeopardize his calorie intake. This is when everything took a turn for the best!

Toni explained to me the importance and urgency to get him to breastfeed now, because as he gets older and continues to bottle feed he will not want to take to the breast. She told me it was going to take a lot of work but if breastfeeding is what I want, it can still be done. She advised me to breastfeed every 2 hours and pump right after. I was advised to stay hydrated and eat a lot of protein. And not to worry about the calories because breast milk has everything he needs. I did exactly what she said. Baby boy was latching, and we were able to breastfeed 15-30 mins daily.

The great news came when I went to his one-month checkup. His pediatrician asked me how I was feeding him. I told her exactly what I had been doing. The pediatrician told me due to his weight gain being on track, I no longer have to formula feed I can now exclusively breastfeed. I was ecstatic. Thanks to Toni I was able to stick to my plan of breast feeding.

Thank you, Toni, you’re the best!!


Tyra S.

Toni was my birth Doula and Postpartum Doula. She has been nothing but amazing and support me in every way possible.

Prenatally, She conducted childbirth education virtually and in person. She answered all my questions and helped me develop a birth plan. I went from feeling so lost and nervous to feeling confident, prepared and even excited about my birth.

Labor: Toni’s extensive knowledge showed. She was extremely helpful in assisting me with positioning and comfort measures. I was still able to deliver naturally without significant tearing. It would have easily been a C-section without her. Also, it’s worth noting that Toni was there for me from the moment I called until I gave birth (36+ hours) later. She didn’t leave me for even one second. I understood informed consent and collaborative decision making. I was well prepared.

Everything Toni teaches and does is evidence based and her technical ability help during birth is unparalleled. Toni gave such great emotional support to me and my husband that we felt so safe and supported the whole time. She always gave advice with my best interest in heart even if it wasn’t what I planned.

Postpartum: I had lots of challenges especially around breastfeeding and sleeping. Toni helped me overcome all of my challenges. She supported me virtually and in-person, always making sure I was ok. My son wasn’t sleeping, which made my life and my husband’s life a living hell. He needed to be held 24/7, cried hysterically. Toni came out and spent an hour with my son, immediately identified the issues and developed a new postpartum plan. Once implemented, my son slept 4-5 hours that night without us holding him. Prior to Toni’s help, the longest my son slept on his own was an hour.

Thank you, Toni! What you do makes a huge difference. With Doulas like you in the world there would be more confident mamas and happy families less unnecessary c-sections, tearing, and postpartum sufferings.


Rachel C.

I have had the wonderful experience of having Toni support my family as a doula. She helped me prepare for the arrival of three of the five of my children. I wish I could have had her with me for all five of my children’s births. She is so compassionate, patient, and willing to answer any question. She helped me understand and connect to the birth of my children in a way I’d never thought possible. I have learned so much from her. I’m incredibly thankful to have had her as my doula. As life would have it, when two of my now-adult children needed a doula, we were able to call on her again. We’re so happy we did. If I was ever to have any more children I would have her with me I wouldn’t trust anyone else.


Gerard R.

Though my experience with Toni was short, it has forever changed the trajectory of my life & how I view childbirth, especially after a traumatic birth of my oldest.

I was connected with Toni in my 39th week of pregnancy & I had no idea the extent of services that Doulas offered and was connected to her through a friend who is an aspiring Doula. Just in our first interaction, I was blown away. Toni was so passionate about childbirth and maternal health and SO KNOWLEDGEABLE about all things anatomy/physiology, labor and childbirth. In just one evaluation, Toni was able to position my son to encourage the natural onset of labor and she was able to teach me several pain management techniques.

During my birth, she worked collaboratively and effortlessly with the hospital staff and my doctor and was extremely supportive of my husband and myself. During my laboring process, my body stalled after receiving the epidural and laying down. Toni quickly realized something was wrong and repositioned me and physically held me in a specific position to encourage my body to progress. She consistently asked me if I was okay and how I felt whenever a medical decision needed to be made and was so attentive to my needs, both spoken and unspoken. Though labor was hard, I credit her presence and knowledge as the reason why this birth was so beautiful, which was polar opposite from my first.

Even after birth, Toni checked in with me in person after a few days of being home and set weekly video visits where we discussed postpartum care in depth. She was so observant that she realized my mental health was at risk and scheduled a couple home visits as well. She was there for me for an entire 8 weeks and is still just a phone call or text away for a quick question.

Saying she is amazing is honestly an understatement and would do no justice for the gift of peace that she gave my family and I.


Kayla D.

Toni is extremely passionate about and skilled at what she does, and she believes in doing what is right and most appropriate for both the mom and the baby. She advocates for healthy pre-natal and post-natal care and is committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure mom has a wonderful delivery experience and recovery. She has so much experience both professionally and personally that are so invaluable.  My wife and I think the world of Toni and are planning on having her support us in our next pregnancy. 


Delandris J.

I know most reviews are going to be about Toni’s support which resulted in taking home a baby. My experience with her is a little different.

I birthed my first two babies without the support of a doula. At the time I didn’t know how important their role was. As I learned about the way that they care for their clients and how much support they provide, I knew that I wanted the help of a doula when I became pregnant with my third child. I chose Toni of BirthWise Doula Services.

Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage very shortly after I found out that I was expecting. Even then, Toni gave me more support than I knew I needed. She helped me stay calm and as comfortable as I could be as I waited for my baby to pass. A couple of months later I got pregnant again, and it too ended in miscarriage. Toni supported me through that ordeal as well. For this one I was further along and faced some complications while waiting for the baby to pass.

After a trip to the emergency room where the doctor offered no support to help rectify the situation, Toni made some recommendations and I noticed relief almost instantly. Her wealth of knowledge and compassion was exactly what I needed to help me make it through such a painful and emotional situation. I WISH I had the opportunity to experience Toni’s support during labor and delivery. I am extremely jealous of everyone who does! I have referred several of my friends to Toni, all of whom have become her clients. I repeatedly received feedback from them that she was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind. Their birthing experiences were much better than they ever expected thanks to her.

I will say, she chose the absolute perfect name for her business. Toni really is indeed birth-wise. She knows what she is talking about, but doesn’t talk over your head. She is passionate about her work and her clients. She also provides a level of counsel and care that makes her stand out from other birthing support workers.


Nicole C.

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