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About Birthwise

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What you need to know

What Is BirthWise?

BirthWise Doula Services is a comprehensive and holistic practice, purpose-built to serve expecting families throughout the entirety of their journey from fertility and pregnancy planning, prenatal period, labor and delivery, through postpartum care and recovery.
Our guiding principle has always been, and will always be:

“Safe Birth for Everyone.”

BirthWise believes in, and practices, person-centered care, in that, our clients’ past experiences, belief systems, goals, fears and ambitions are all factors we consider in providing extraordinary personalized, contextualized care, tailored to the specific individual needs of each client. This level of care is then supplemented with physical, emotional and educational support for both the expecting mother, birth partner and, in many cases, immediate supporting family members.
BirthWise strongly believes that the process of birth is a natural process and, in many cases, with the appropriate support, can be experienced without the need for significant medical intervention. We often refer to the birthing process as “a natural process that is medically observed.”
We are evidence-based.
BirthWise is an evidence-based practice — meaning, we use a combination of historically and scientifically proven methods encompassing traditional/natural (non-medical) treatments, physiology, psychology, nutrition and modern medical best practices to affect the best possible birth outcomes for our clients. Our doulas take pride in being lifelong learners and critical thinkers; continually striving to educate themselves on the latest treatments and advancements in birthing techniques, with the goal of always being prepared to offer a knowledgeable, fact-based and unbiased course of care that aligns at the intersection of our clients’ desires, and their unique medical conditions and constraints.
We are credentialed.
One of the challenges of vetting and selecting the right doula(s) for you is that the birth support industry has historically been unregulated. There was no generally accepted standard for educational or experience requirements to become a practicing doula. Since then, much has changed. There are now multiple reputable, certifying organizations (e.g. DONA International (DONA), International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), etc) to ensure that the quality of doulas satisfies industry-accepted standards, and that a doula’s competency can be, in part, objectively measured by levels of education and experience — which ultimately helps clients make a more informed and confident decision about the doula they choose to work with.
BirthWise doulas, including our founder, remain actively certified in a variety of disciplines and focus areas. Many of our doulas maintain certifications with some of the most recognizable names in the doula and birthing communities, such as DONA International, Lamaze, Spinning Babies, Academy of Certified Birth Educators (ACBE) and many others.
We believe in Social Responsibility and equitable care.
One of the primary reasons BirthWise exists is to serve the rapidly escalating need to positively affect systemic change and impact of the worsening Maternal Health Crisis among minorities in the United States. A recent report from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contained the following information:
…pregnancy-related death rates are two to three times higher among Black or Indigenous populations compared to White populations. Severe Maternal Morbidity, unexpected outcomes of labor and delivery that impact the pregnant person’s health, is 1.9 times higher among Black populations than White populations.
As doulas, we believe we have a social responsibility to give voice and attention to mothers and families who are, often tragically, overlooked and underrepresented in the United States healthcare system.
As doulas, we often have valuable insights, experiences, historical knowledge and perspectives that can inform the legitimacy of safer, “less risk” options which may be appropriate for some individuals.
And, as doulas, we are at the forefront of being passionate, articulate advocates for, and educators of, our clients, including but not limited to the following areas:
  • Understanding “informed consent” and its importance to patient care
  • How to effectively communicate with hospital staff and healthcare providers
  • Understanding implicit and unconscious bias in the healthcare system
  • Identifying and understanding “birthing friendly” hospitals (and what that means)
  • Preparing for hospital birth and Birth Centers
Ultimately, we believe that doulas play a significant and complementary role in helping expecting families achieve better birth outcomes. While we do not believe that our approaches to, or presence in, interacting with the healthcare system is adversarial or controversial, we certainly do believe that pairing additional evidence-based holistic techniques with accepted modern medical practices provides benefit to everyone, and more importantly, surfaces legitimate, practical options to limit the need for medical intervention during birth, and often delivers wonderful, memorable birth experiences for expecting mothers and families.

What our clients say

Toni is extremely passionate about and skilled at what she does, and she believes in doing what is right and most appropriate for both the mom and the baby. She advocates for healthy pre-natal and post-natal care and is committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure mom has a wonderful delivery experience and recovery. She has so much experience both professionally and personally that are so invaluable.  My wife and I think the world of Toni and are planning on having her support us in our next pregnancy. 


Delandris J.

I have had the wonderful experience of having Toni support my family as a doula. She helped me prepare for the arrival of three of the five of my children. I wish I could have had her with me for all five of my children’s births. She is so compassionate, patient, and willing to answer any question. She helped me understand and connect to the birth of my children in a way I’d never thought possible. I have learned so much from her. I’m incredibly thankful to have had her as my doula. As life would have it, when two of my now-adult children needed a doula, we were able to call on her again. We’re so happy we did. If I was ever to have any more children I would have her with me I wouldn’t trust anyone else.


Gerard R.

Many Many Many times, fathers go a little unnoticed and quite honestly, we feel helpless during the birthing process. But you gotta think, we see our wives going through a really tough process and all you can do is hold her hand and rub her forehead… while doctors are doing all kinds of stuff. You are clueless as you watch on the sidelines, praying for the best. That’s kind of how the first one went with my first. But… This second time round with … COMPLETE 180 –  BirthWise Doula Services LLC made the experience before the birth, during and afterwards… very reassuring. This time I was able to ask questions, feel confident that Kayla Davis really felt protected and comfortable. The coaching you receive…. even as a father… man… top notch!


John D.

Toni was there for us in every aspect of our pregnancy. From educating us with mental and physical lessons to prepare for birth to postpartum care, she made sure we had all the necessary tools for the successful birth of our first child.

Our birth story had its own unique challenges. Without Toni, things would have gone significantly differently. We are forever grateful for her compassion, care, and knowledge and will be looking for her assistance again when it’s time for baby #2!


Naomi A.

I wanted to experience birth outside of the medical realm and more of a holistic and natural approach. I sought out doula services shortly after moving to Charlotte and learning that I was expecting our first child. It was after my third prenatal appointment with an OB that I learned that you learn NOTHING about the physiological process of birth.

After having my consultation with Toni Curtis of BirthWise Doulas Services LLC, I knew it was meant to be and I felt like an angel was sent to us to help educate my husband and I on this journey. The knowledge that we have been able to soak up from BirthWise is an experience that I wish every expecting family could experience.

BirthWise Doula Services, LLC truly goes above and beyond and they are more than educators and doulas, they have become apart of our family! We’re waiting for baby boy to arrive next month and BirthWise has been there every step of the way!


Kimberly B.

I started working with Toni this summer in July. I have a long history of infertility, along with pregnancy and delivery trauma. Toni was very thorough in her assessment and recommendations. She took my past pregnancy trauma and what my goals are for my next birth into consideration when coming up with my mental and physical preparation planning…so much so we were expecting a month after starting her recommendations. She has been very helpful and attentive throughout our pregnancy and I would definitely recommend.


Shanika T.

I am so thankful that I was able to find Toni! She has been a wealth of knowledge, and priceless resource and I haven’t even had the baby yet. She is able to help me as a first time mother prepare not only my mind but body for the changes that take place in all the stages of pregnancy. I don’t know if I could be doing this all as gracefully as I am without her love , help and support. Thank you Toni for your commitment and commit to your families. ❤️ Chamira


Chamira W.

Birthwise has been a blessing to my family. They provided so much support and education to allow us to the have the best possible experience with the birth of our daughter. Mrs. Toni, our Doula was / is just like an extended part of my family. She was a delightful presence for both my wife and me. I also appreciated that her husband took time to speak with me and comfort me in this path.

I am grateful to God for all of the support.


Jeriell N.

Toni was amazing!! My baby was born safe and with little to no complications. I will surely be hiring her for my future kids. Thank you for all you do! I 100% recommend BirthWise Doulas to support you and your baby.


Elizabeth O.

We are so happy that we worked with Birthwise Doula Services! Toni is an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced doula and birth educator. She provided a full suite of informative classes to empower us with the information we needed to clearly identify our birth preferences. She also brought her invaluable expertise, comfort, and guidance to our labor and delivery, and postpartum experiences. We wholeheartedly recommend Birthwise to anyone expecting a baby in the Charlotte, NC area!


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