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Birth Stories

We learn more when we share.

Clients tell their stories

Client Experiences

Twan's Story

Twan imparts insight and perspective into her childbirth and postpartum experiences during this discussion with BirthWise doula, Toni Curtis. She goes on to share why, and how, she selected her doula, and why the presence of a doula throughout labor and delivery was essential.

Twan also expresses amazement at what she refers to as a "doula's intuition," and why more doulas are needed who understand how to leverage both their knowledge and intuition for the good of their clients.

Hai's Story

Hai shares her journey of navigating pregnancy, birth and postpartum in the face of rampant and dangerous misinformation versus the personalized, expert guidance of her doula, Toni Curtis.

During this discussion, Hai recounts her experiences managing anxiety and stress during her pregnancy, frustrations with the lack of information given by her medical providers, and ultimately the joy of birth and witnessing how the "priceless" expertise of her doula significantly improved her birth outcomes.

Denise's Story

Denise recalls her birth experience and many of the critical experiences that led up to it.

Watch as Denise and her doula talk through the many fears, issues and moments of joy experienced throughout Denise’s pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum journey – culminating in a clear and poignant explanation of “why doulas are essential to maternal health.”

Kayla's Story

Watch as Kayla, one of our dear clients, remembers and gives a detailed account of her birth experience.

Listen to the challenges she overcame throughout her experience, and how the involvement of a BirthWise doula significantly improved her birth outcomes.

La Shaye's Story

La Shaye's past traumatic birth experiences sharply contrast with her most recent positive, supportive experience of using a BirthWise doula.

Watch as she reflects on her birth experiences, from past to present, and see why she refers to doulas as "superheroes."


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