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Toni Curtis of BirthWise Doula Services to be Featured on Close Up Radio


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Toni Curtis of BirthWise Doula Services to be Featured on Close Up Radio – EIN Presswire (

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2023 / — Toni Curtis is a seasoned and certified birth doula and childbirth educator, but what is even more significant than her credentials, is her history of accomplishments in this segment of maternal healthcare, and her groundbreaking work in bridging the gap of racial and socioeconomic disparities in the maternal healthcare system. Toni has been a practicing birth worker for nearly 25 years, attended over 400 births, and is known for providing extraordinary, memorable and personalized care to every mother, baby and family she’s served.

“This is science…evidence-based science, rooted in physiological birth practices” she stresses when talking about the way decisions are made and care is delivered. Toni further emphasizes “This is a strategic partnership—a unique effort between mothers, parents, other children in the family, and the baby—a precious new life that should come into this world with the least amount of trauma and struggle as possible.”

Toni espouses a distinct point-of-view, in that, birth is a “life process,” not a medical process—while the process of birth may be “medically observed,” understanding the importance of evidence-based, physiological birth practices (both modern and traditional) affords mothers the opportunity to achieve safe childbirth, and limit unnecessary medical intervention. The viewpoint of modern medicine often focuses on the baby as the primary patient. Whereas, a doula (trained in physiological birth practices) advocates for an understanding of birth as a symbiotic relationship between mother and baby; neither mother nor baby plays a larger role in the birth process, and the primary focus is delivering safe, healthy and satisfying outcomes for both.

Doulas also form a bond with the mother and family that begins with the decision to have a child, and then lasts for years after a successful birth. It is a long-term plan of care that takes many factors into account—from the home environment to the mother’s learning style, and also the mother’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

The doula and mother explore many key life areas together and formulate answers to important questions. This usually entails a longer consultative session than most doctors will allot time for. The doula/childbirth educator also discusses the vital importance of diet and nutrition, local support resources, and other variables that can affect pregnancy, birth and afterwards, from lactation and postpartum recovery to medical conditions that may arise as a result of labor and delivery.

“Pregnancy is the beginning of change. This new life changes everything — your home situation, your physical body, and your brain chemistry. Everything you do and feel going forward is going to be a new experience. We talk about this process – thoroughly, candidly and truthfully.”

Catch this podcast to learn more about Toni’s expertise, and unique evidence-based, physiological approach to delivering extraordinary maternal health support. You’ll learn what makes her such an important extension of the community — and also hear her impassioned views about the social, racial, and economic factors that can impact women and families throughout pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Close Up Radio Will Feature Toni Curtis of BirthWise Doula Services in Charlotte, NC in an interview with Jim Masters on Wed, May 10th at 10:00am EDT

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