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Our Team

Sienna Scott

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Sienna Scott is a professional doula with a significant background in both maternal health and education. Originating from New Jersey and of Caribbean descent, Sienna offers a distinctive approach to childbirth and postpartum support, integrating her cultural insights and a decade of educational leadership. Her academic journey at Rutgers University culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Education, followed by a Master’s degree in Literacy Education from New York University. These qualifications underpin her empathetic and informed support for women during the critical stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Sienna’s role is further enhanced by her training as a Reiki practitioner, allowing her to offer a calming presence alongside her professional doula services.

Her work is characterized by a holistic view of childbirth, influenced by her comprehensive educational background. Sienna values the importance of emotional, physical, and educational support, employing her understanding of human development to guide women through the childbirth process. Outside her professional life, Sienna is an avid language learner, thrifter, and nature enthusiast. Her unique blend of educational insight, cultural understanding, and holistic support distinguishes her in the field of maternal health.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in Urban Education (Rutgers University)
  • Master’s degree in Literacy Education (New York University)
  • 10+ years of experience in the field of education
  • Training and certification as a Reiki practitioner
  • Professional Doula Training



  • Empathy and individual needs understanding
  • Problem-solving creativity
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership and mentorship
  • Multicultural sensitivity
  • Stress management
  • Holistic care approach
  • Birth and postpartum support
  • Reiki healing techniques
  • Childbirth support expertise
  • Early parenting education
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