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Our Team

Cassie Fortune

Fitness Coordinator & Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Cassie Fortune brings over 12 years of yoga instruction to her role as a Fitness Coordinator and Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Certified by Yoga Fit, her professional background is a testament to her commitment to providing high-quality yoga education. Cassie’s passion for yoga is rooted in her personal discovery of its transformative impact, a passion she now channels into empowering her students.

Her expertise particularly shines in the domain of prenatal yoga, where Cassie crafts sessions that are both nurturing and empowering for expectant mothers. These classes blend physical postures with breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques, all designed to meet the unique needs of pregnancy. Cassie’s aim is to create a space where expectant mothers can deepen their connection to their bodies and babies in a supportive and caring environment, reinforcing her dedication to maternal health and well-being.

Education & Training

  • Yoga Fit certification
  • 12+ years teaching experience
  • Specialized in prenatal yoga


  • Effective communication
  • Leadership and instruction
  • Adaptability and creativity
  • Empathy and listening
  • Community building
  • Prenatal yoga expertise
  • Posture modification proficiency
  • Stress reduction techniques
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