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Mentorship Spotlight: Interview With Sienna Scott

Mentorship Matters

At BirthWise, we strive to create a culture of continuous learning through education and practical experience. One of the ways we validate our knowledge is through the teaching and mentorship of others.

This month, we want to spotlight one of our newest birth doulas, Sienna Scott, for her outstanding work and commitment to the maternal health support profession. Sienna has demonstrated a passion and proficiency for client care, and going above and beyond to advocate for her clients during their labor and delivery experiences. Thank you Sienna! We both commend and appreciate your unwavering dedication, and commitment to learning!

Below, watch Sienna’s Mentorship Spotlight interview with BirthWise founder, Toni Curtis, or use the following link:

More About SIENNA

To learn more about Sienna and connect with her directly, use the information below:


"I really appreciated being able to advocate for them [clients] and see their humanity, because from what I've experienced, sometimes...sometimes there might need to be a reminder [to hospital staff] that the people in the hospital you're dealing with -- the patients -- are actually human beings first. So I feel really honored to be able to support them, and be a voice so they can can get the care they deserve."