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Mentorship Spotlight: Interview With Evonna Christmon

Mentorship Matters

At BirthWise, we take our responsibilities to our clients, our communities, and to each other, very seriously. We believe in freely and openly sharing our institutional, communal and practical knowledge with aspiring birthworkers who demonstrate a passion, commitment and calling to this important work.

This month, we’re highlighting Evonna Christmon (of “Earthside with Evonna Birth Services”), in our Mentorship Spotlight. We recognize Evonna for her amazing work, dedication and abilities in providing extraordinary care to her clients, and meaningful contributions to advancing change in maternal healthcare. We love you, Evonna! You are amazing!

Below, watch Evonna’s Mentorship Spotlight interview with BirthWise founder, Toni Curtis, or use the following link:

More About Evonna

To learn more about Evonna and connect with her directly, use the information below:


"In order to be a part of a practice, and a journey, like BirthWise, you really have to be a person that is ready to do the work...essentially, the work that we're doing is beyond social media. This is peoples' everyday lives. We are a part of their birth, so when they get ready to tell their children 'how I prepared for you to come into this world' - YOUR NAME is going to come up in that story!"